September Music Favorites

Hello World, yes I am alive! It’s been a long time but I am finally back and ready to blog.

Ok, so I thought that I would do a post about my music favorites this month or rather last month (Omg it’s already October HOW!?) anyway, I would prepare yourself because there is quite a lot I have to share with you 🙂

First things first, I use Spotify for all my music but some songs I’m going to list have been downloaded by me from other sources and then imported into my Spotify library! I will be linking all the music that I share today also 🙂

So my favorite genres of music would have to be Alternative and Electronic and most of the music i’ll be listing today will be within those two catagories. Ok so lets get into it!!

Songs I’m Loving Right Now:

Some All Time Favorites:

So some of these songs aren’t available on iTunes or Spotify but if you’re interested in downloading any of them you can use this link ( It’s basically a URL reader that creates a media file that you can import into your iTunes library. This is what I use for most of my “remix” songs because they aren’t available on Spotify or iTunes. It’s a super easy website to use and I’ve never had any problems with it!

I hope you guys enjoyed this quick music post. I’m really happy to be back and I hope you guys are too! If you have any questions about anything just leave a comment and I will respond a soon as I can 🙂 Also if you guys have any post recommendations I would love to here them!

Until next time…

Olivia, xoxo

Favorite Magazines!

Hey guys, I figured i would do a quick post about my favorite magazines before i go to bed!

Allure, Teen Vogue, and Seventeen Magazines

Allure, Teen Vogue, and Seventeen Magazines

So first things first, the magazines i am currently subscribed to are Seventeen, Teen Vogue, and Allure. I think my favorite, out of all of them is, Seventeen just because it’s the one i find myself reading most often. Now I’ll admit I’m not obsessed with magazines in general, like i don’t see that my latest issue came in and I instantly pick it up and read it. I read my magazines whenever I’m in the mood to and they really are a great pass time! Something else i really love about magazines is how many new stores, food, make-up, ect. you can find out about when reading them. Just this past weekend i was reading the latest issue of Seventeen and i found this amazing store called Missguided ( Once i discovered this site i literally spent the rest of the day creating a wish list of things that i want to buy from there! Anyway moving back onto the actual magazines, i think that Seventeen and Teen Vogue are pretty similar, but Teen Vogue is more about fashion, where as Seventeen is more of an everything magazine, if that makes sense. Allure is pretty much a beauty magazine with lots and lots of make-up! Thats about all i have to talk about for these magazines and if you’re interested in subscribing to any of them i will have the sites linked down below!:)


Where to Subscribe:


Teen Vogue-


LUSH Lip Scrubs Review!

Hey guys, so i’ve had these lip scrubs for awhile and i figured i’d do a review of them so you can see if you think they are worth purchasing for yourself!

LUSH's "Santa" and "Popcorn" Lip Scrubs

LUSH’s “Santa” and “Popcorn” Lip Scrubs

I personally have the LUSH “Santa” and “Popcorn” lip scrubs. Lip scrubs are basically exactly what they sound like, scrubs for your lips! They are designed to help you get rid of any dead skin on your lips to help them look and feel softer. These LUSH scrubs are actually flavored, the “Santa” scrub is coca-cola flavored and the “Popcorn” scrub is , you guessed it, popcorn flavored! As well as being flavored, you can also eat them, so once you’re done scrubbing you can just lick the scrub off your lips and you’re all set! Personally i don’t really like to lick the scrub off afterwards because i really dislike the chemically flavor it has so i just wipe my lips off with a damp towel or tissue. Overall i think these scrubs are really good to have because you can use them whenever you feel like giving your lips a scrub and they are great to use before going out any where, like to parties, dates, dances, ect.. Another great thing about these scrubs is that they aren’t very expensive and there’s lots of options to choose from, so if you’re looking for a good lip scrub that’s not very expensive this is definitely the scrub for you! My only complaint is, like i said before, the chemically taste the scrubs have, but thats about my only complaint for these products!

LUSH's "Santa" Lip Scrub

LUSH’s “Santa” Lip Scrub

LUSH's "Popcorn" Lip Scrub

LUSH’s “Popcorn” Lip Scrub

Where to Buy:

LUSH “Santa” Lip Scrub- Unfortunately this was a limited edition christmas scrub, so it is not longer available:(

LUSH “Popcorn” Lip Scrub-,en_US,pd.html#start=6

Favorite Everyday Make- Up Products

Favorite Everyday Make-Up Products

These products have been my everyday beauty faves for a long time now, they are super amazing! the foundation is my most prized make-up product and has been for awhile now, i don’t know what it is but  Smashbox has created the most perfect BB Cream ever! I’ve always had issues with finding a foundation that worked with my skin, whenever i’d buy a new foundation i would get home try it on and it would look so unnatural, but my search for the perfect foundation ended when i found this Smashbox BB cream. When i wear this BB cream it seriously looks like I have great skin and I’m not wearing anything on my face, which is so difficult to find in a foundation.

My NARS creamy concealer is also quite a gem. The coverage this concealer gives is incredible, if your looking to cover up those dark circles this is the product for you! My only complaint about this product is that it is pretty pricey, but if you’re looking for a really good quality concealer this is definitely the way to go!

My NARS blush and bronzer duo is fabulous as well! The blush(orgasm) is a really lovely pinky color that has some sparkles in it and the bronzer(laguna) is the perfect bronzer to use if you’re looking to get that beautiful sun-kissed glow.

The “they’re real”and “the rocket volum” mascaras are the perfect duo! They give you the perfect combination of length and volume. First i apply my “they’re real” mascara to give my lashes length, then i apply my “the rocket volum” mascara to give my lashes  volume. I also apply my “the rocket volum” on top of the “they’re real” because it is the water proof formula so it keeps my lashes set all day!

My Stila “stay all day” eyeliner is by far the best eyeliner pen i have ever used! I’ve been using this eyeliner for probably close to a year now and I’m only just running out of my second one, so along with being an amazing product it also lasts for a long time! I personally prefer pen eyeliners because they’re super easy to apply and they make it so simple to create wings, which is definitely the case for this eyeliner. My one complaint, is that for me the eyeliner does not last for the whole day it starts to fade after about 4 hours, besides that it is a great product.

Urban Decay’s NAKED basics has most definitely earned a place in my make-up bag. Besides being great for simple eyeshadow looks, i also use the color “faint” in the palette to fill in my eyebrows. This palette is great for anyone looking for a basic everyday eyeshadow palette!

My Anastasia brow gel and Bare Minerals setting powder are my last favorite products that need some recognition! The brow gel really keeps my brows in place for the day without question. My setting powder is also a very necessary item in my make-up bag, without my powder my face would look like a runny mess an hour after applying my foundation! This powder keeps my face make-up in place all day and keeps my face looking pretty matte, also the powder is translucent, so it doesn’t add any color to my face, it simply just sets the make-up!

Where you can find these products:

Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream-

NARS Creamy Concealer-

NARS Blush & Bronzer Duo-

Benefit’s “They’re Real!” Mascara-’re%20Real!%20Mascara%20P289307&skuId=1343938&productId=P289307&_requestid=125033

Maybelline’s “The Rocket Volum'” Mascara-

Stila’s Stay All Day Waterproof Eyeliner-®%20Waterproof%20Liquid%20Eye%20Liner%20P253818&skuId=1221084&productId=P253818&_requestid=127023

Urban Decay’s NAKED Basics Palette-

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel-

Bare Minerals Translucent Powder-


Hey guys!! My name is Olivia, I’m 16 and I am obsessed with all things fashion and beauty related. On here i’ll be posting reviews, favorites, tutorials… really anything and everything you could think of. I’ve been gone for awhile but I am back and ready to blog! I really hope you guys enjoy, xoxo.